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Mayor McCheese is the known mayor of McDonaldland.

He appeared in many commercials, print ads, toys and more from 1971 until 1985 when the character was dropped as part of that year's streamlining of the McDonaldland characters.


From 1971-1973, he wore a pink coat with a white rose on-top of a yellow button shirt, a purple sash with the word "Mayor" on it (The M is supposed to resemble the Golden Arches), purple pants and black shoes. He also wore a purple and yellow top hat and carried spectacles in his hand.

His head was quite big, with circular cheeks and a long nose that often wobbled around in commercials.

From 1973-1985, his pink coat became darker, his sash and top hat changed colors and had revisions; his purple pants were replaced with long, striped pants. He became taller as well.

His head was revised quite a lot, his nose was shorter and didn't wobble unlike his previous nose, and his cheeks were moved more further away from his face.


  • On rare occasions, his suit is red instead of pink.
  • He appears in The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald: Have Time Will Travel.
  • He was voiced by Howard Morris in commercials, and was voiced by Bob Joles in The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald.
  • One of the character's most well known phrases was "Say Cheeseburger". It was even the purpose of one commercial which can be found here.
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