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McDonaldland Playland is a former range of playgrounds that appeared at many US McDonald's restaurants starting from about 1972. They featured slides, roundabouts, climbers, statues and more based on the McDonaldland characters used at the time.


In 1972, after success of the McDonaldland commercials, Setmakers Inc. who created the original set for the commercials was asked by McDonald's themselves if they could create some playgrounds for selected McDonald's restaurants based on the fantasy world.

They picked their first location for a playground at a restaurant in Chula Vista, California. It was a great success, which led them to create playgrounds at many selected locations.

As time went on, the playgrounds were removed as some restaurants that contained them might of closed or renovated. Most of the things that were featured in the parks are very rare to find nowadays. It is a very, very tiny minority that restaurants may include a playground.

List of rides[]

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Officer Big Mac Climb-In Jail[]

Considered one of the most popular rides, the Officer Big Mac Climb-In Jail was based on the character Officer Big Mac from commercials. Visitors could climb inside one through the back of the jail, and another visitor could take photographs of them inside it.

One known location for a remaining Officer Big Mac Climb-In Jail is at the site of the first McDonald's restaurant in San Benardino, California.

There was also a more rarer version of this ride; visitors could climb through the core of the jail and could climb up to Big Mac's police hat.

Hamburglar Swing[]

The Hamburglar Swing was based on the character Hamburglar from commercials. Two visitors could sit on the swings, that were tied to each of the Hamburglar's hands.

Captain Crook Spiral Slide[]

Also considered a popular ride of its time, the Captain Crook Spiral Slide was based on the character Captain Crook from commercials. The slide was kind of small, but was quite tall. Visitors could climb up the ladder, and go down one of two slides; one spiral, one normal. A pole attached to the slide also featured a head of Captain Crook.

There was also a more rarer version of this ride; the spiral slide was instead based on Hamburglar, and painted white and black instead of red and yellow.

Mayor McCheese Roundabout[]

The Mayor McCheese Roundabout was based on the character Mayor McCheese from commercials. Visitors could spin it whilst holding on to one of the handles. A head of Mayor McCheese was also placed on-top of them.